Crop Farming

From maize, soya beans and hay, Afrikan Farms has been dedicated to implementing only the best farming practices when it comes to their crop farming. Afrikan Farms has also continued the practice of cooperating and partnering with other farmers for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Afrikan Farms together with BB Boerdery Agri Trust have combined their crop farming operations and corporatized them into a company called WeGrow Farming Enterprise (Pty) Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Afrikan Farms. WeGrow Farming Enterprise cultivated about 1600 hectares of land to produce maize and soya beans, which is sold to the market. WeGrow Farming Enterprise is working on plans to establish a large scale farming operation that will utilize all the maize and soya that is produced by WeGrow Farming Enterprise on crop lands that are owned by Afrikan Farms and BB Boerdery Agri Trust.